7 Tips for Buying Workout Clothes

7 Tips for Buying Workout Clothes

7 Tips for Buying Workout Clothes

Finding the right activewear isn’t just about looking great in gym selfies. Not only does it optimise your workout and make you feel confident but also the right activewear canprevent injury during those grueling workout sessions. 


  1. Fabric selection

Some fabrics are designed to pull sweat away from the skin, while others absorb it. Depending on the fabric type and quality, some workout clothes perform better than others.

Moisture-wicking fabrics pull moisture from the skin so it evaporates, effectively getting rid of sweat. This helps keep your body temperature down when exercising in warm environments. Materials like spandex, nylon, polypropylene, and bamboo work best in this regard.

Cotton is ideal for low-intensity, low-impact workouts like slow yoga flows and light resistance training. Natural cotton is less likely to give off an unpleasant smell during workouts, since odor-causing bacteria cling more to synthetic fibers. However, it soaks up moisture, making it less suitable for high-intensity workouts.


  1. The right form and fit

How your workout clothes make you feel is another important consideration. If they’re too tight or too baggy, you might not feel as motivated to go to the gym. Make sure you have a full range of motion in your workout gear and check to see if your bottoms gape or slide up when you move.

It’s crucial to choose workout clothes that fit and flatter your body type. You’ll find brands that offer petite, tall, and plus size options that hug your figure and make you feel great. Victoria Stag carries sizes 12 to 24 for full figured women.


  1. Style

With activewear and athleisure becoming increasingly fashionable in the last few years, you have all kinds of choices, from strappy sports bras to harem-style bottoms. Choose a style that’s appropriate for your workout routine to avoid wardrobe malfunctions in the gym. Make sure you choose the right style of clothing, so that your clothes stay on and keep you comfortable during exercising.

For instance, loose-fitting shorts might feel comfortable during light yoga sessions, but they might hinder movement during HIIT. When doing high-impact exercise that requires a lot of movements, try form-fitting stretchable nylon or spandex.


  1. Choosing innerwear

What’s on the inside really does matter, especially when it comes to sports bras. Take cup size and strap width into consideration when shopping for one. The right sports bra feels comfortable and offers sufficient support and coverage. 

There are two kinds of sports bras in the market, namely compression and encapsulated bras.

Compression bras limit the movement of the breasts during exercise by using pressure to “compress” them against the chest. These bras usually don’t have separate cups and are best suited to women with smaller cup sizes. Sports bras made with stretchable fabric like spandex or lycra often have a degree of compression to them. 

Similar to everyday bras, encapsulation bras were designed for breast support, reducing breast movement during exercise and giving you a more natural breast shape compared with compression bras. These bras are great for all cup sizes.


  1. Safety

The right workout clothes prevent accidents and injury during exercise. Manufacturers think of the right style, fit, and fabric when designing workout gear for maximum safety.

Choose clothes that don’t get in the way of movement. Wide leg capris might offer more movement during dance class, but they can get caught in your bike pedal when biking or spinning.

Your workout gear should also have an accessories handling feature, such as a small pocket to keep your house keys from jangling while you exercise, or a band to hold your phone while you listen to music.


  1. Weather

Dress for the season. During the summer, stick with clothes that let your skin breathe and wick sweat to prevent skin irritation and excessive sweating. Wear pieces that are cool and comfortable, and allow you to move more freely.

In the cold months, you need to keep warm, but note that exercise will boost your heart rate and body temperature, so wear layers that you can easily remove. Always wear clothing made of wicking fabric as an inner layer, with an insulating layer like a jacket on top of it. Protect your ears, head, and hands from the cold when exercising in chilly weather.

Likewise, wear a water-resistant outer layer when exercising in wet or rainy weather.


  1. Cheap versus affordable workout gear

Sometimes when opting for cheap activewear, you can compromise on quality. Consider your personal budget and determine what you can afford.You’ll be able to find gym clothes that are fashionable and perform well at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Keep in mind too that your health is always an investment and never a wasteful expense. Victoria Stag offers workout clothes made with high performance fabrics and practical features for curvy women in a range of colors and designs.

So the next time you shop for gym clothes, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

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